Adjutant (副官 Fukukan) is the unnamed second-in-command of the Delmo Corps, and after Hagen's death she became second-in-command of the entire Delmo Corps.

Appearance Edit

She is a young woman with short dark blue hair. During the events of Trial 6 she wears civilian clothes with a similar motif to her uniform.

Plot Edit

She is knocked out by Gust early in the story, and throughout the rest of the first half she is seen next to fellow White Delmo and Lover the Delmo Commander operating the ship.

She and the Delmo Commander attack Aika together at the climax of Trial 6, fighting with as 1 with very coordinated attacks. They manage to land a hard blow on Aika with a combined flying kick which literally sends her flying several meters into a wall. When they seem on the verge of victory, they make the mistake of repeating the same attack once more.

This time, Aika is prepared and counters with a flying kick of her own, a maneuver which takes both Delmo girls by surprise and leaves them defenseless as she lands two devastating blows on their foreheads with the back of her high heels. The sheer force of the impact sends the two lovers flying on separate directions. The Commander lands heavily on the floor some meters away, hit yet still conscious, but the Adjutant is not so lucky and ends in a chokehold by Aika, who manages to grab her strongly by the neck as she plummets to the ground.

As Aika increases the pressure, the unlucky girl is forced into arching her back more each time, lifting her butt into the camera's line of sight in the process. Her pleads are futile, and so are her attempts to resist, which are only useful to delay the inevitable. Eventually her neck ends up giving in with a crack as she drools and blushes furiously. Her body then slumps to the ground unconscious, head first and butt following soon after.

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