Adjutant (副官 Fukukan) is the unnamed second-in-command of the Delmo Corps, and after Hagen's death she became second-in-command of the entire Delmo Corps.

Appearance Edit

She is a young woman with short dark blue hair. She usually wears her White Delmo uniform, but during the events of Trial 6 is also seen wearing a pilot's attire and civilian clothes with a similar motif to her uniform.

Plot Edit

She is knocked out in an unseen manner by Gust early in the story, and throughout the rest of the first half she is seen next to her fellow White Delmo and lover, the Delmo Commander, operating the ship.

She and the Delmo Commander attack Aika together at the climax of Trial 6, fighting as 1 with very coordinated attacks. They manage to land a hard blow on Aika with a combined flying kick which literally sends her flying several meters into a wall. When they seem to be on the verge of victory, they make the mistake of repeating the same attack once more.

This time, Aika is prepared and counters with a brilliant flying kick of her own, a maneuver which takes both Delmo girls by surprise and leaves them defenseless as she lands two devastating blows on their foreheads with the back of her high heels. The sheer force of the impact sends the two lovers flying on separate directions as they scream in anguish.

The Commander lands heavily on the floor some meters away, hit yet still conscious, but the Adjutant is not so lucky and ends in a chokehold by Aika, who manages to grab her strongly by the neck as she plummets to the ground. The poor girls thus ends in all fours on the floor, with her neck tightly pressed between Aika's forearms, in a brutal pincer movement meant to increasingly put more and more pressure on her vertebrae while also preventing air and blood from passing through her neck. In total control of the situation, Aika is even able to arrange their positions in such a way that they are both facing opposite directions, so that her face is safe from any kind of low tricks and the Adjutant's arms are pretty much worthless, only capable of maybe scratching at the Salvager's back or uselessly grabbing her arms in futile attemps at trying to stop the merciless constriction. Thus, the girl is pretty much absolutely defenseless unless she is able to receive assistance from someone else.

The Adjutant gasps in horror at the sudden realization of the seriousness of her dire situation, as Aika first gets a firm hold of her as she reaches the ground and begins to slowly apply pressure on her neck. She is however, not yet ready to give in so easily, probably expecting some kind of aid will come. We are then given a frontal look of the poor White Delmo as she clenches her teeth and braces herself, preparing to resist the strangling. Her breasts hang and bounce freely below her, and her distinctively erect nipples can be appreciated. Behind the girl, between her open legs, we can also see the still unmoving Commander, hidden from her lover's sight, who is thus blatantly unaware no help is coming for some time.

The camera then moves behing the Adjutant, as we get a view of Aika holding her with a fiercely determined look. The gir's back is for now almost totally horizontal and most of her ass remains out of view, as the Salvager seems temporarily satisfied with just keeping the Delmo inmobilized and defenseless while she waits to start the action going. With a slight downward movement, Aika then racks up the pressure a bit, and as she does so the Adjutant's back inmediately starts arching in response, lifting up her butt and spreading her legs in the process , just as the girl emits a deep moan. Now totally aware she has absolutely no chance, or maybe trying to win some time, she starts miserably begging for Aika to stop and let her go, but her pleas go unheard.

Aika then continues to mercilessly increase the pressure, forcing the unlucky girl into arching her back more each time, lifting her butt into the camera's line of sight in the process until it's in full view, in all it's glory. As the silly Delmo still tries to fight back, there is an inevitable, though futile, back and forth, and thus the girl's ass bounces up and down as the Adjutant tries with all her strentgh to resist the constriction and straighten her back. However, as expected, it ends up all being hopeless in the end, and Aika eventually forces the girl into total submission, her back completely arched, breasts almost touching the floor and butt raised well above the ground. Then, she makes her final push.

With a fast movement, Aika makes a last brutal increase in pressure, as she pulls upward and presses her forearms firmly together, the poor girl's neck caught inbetween. Uncapable of arching her back any more, the Delmo can now only spread her legs in blatant desperation as she feels the constriction increasing even more.

We are then shown a close up of the unfortunate woman's face. Her mouth is open, teeth still clenched firmly together and a big line of drool emerging from it's side and falling across her chin. Her eyes are fixated in some unknown point in the distance with a sad look of despair. With her left arm she is futilely grabbing Aika's sleeve in a poor attemp at stopping the Salvager's constriction.

As Aika makes her final push, the Delmo's gaping mouth now goes wide open as she emits a loud and desperate final moan, the drool rolling further down her chin in an humiliating manner, before the lack of air seems to leave her unable to produce further sounds. Her eyes also go furiously open as the whole head trembles under the sheer pressure being applied to the defenseless girl's neck. Finally, a loud crack is heard as the vertebrae give in and the neck at last collapses under the Salvager's constriction. The Delmo then goes inmediately limp, her hand releasing Aika's sleeve and her head collapsing, eyes now shut, only to peacefully end up resting on Aika's forearm, the same that brutally imprisoned it only miliseconds before.

Her foe utterly defeated, Aika hastily let's go of the now unconscious Delmo. We are then taken to another view from the back, this time right from floor level. The whole tragic chain of events has left the poor girl no longer on all fours, but pretty much with her head and breast resting on the floor, arms extended on the sides, back completely arched and ass well up in the air, legs obviosuly spread. The Adjutant knocked out for good, the awkardly positioned body then begins to quickly crumble. First goes the upper half, which soon reaches the floor as the whole figure slumps downwards. Once the head and breasts are pressed against the ground, the lower half follows suit, unceremoniously collapsing behind it, the butt bouncing as it hits the floor, the whole process leaving a wide open view of the girl's crotch as she lies defeated. As the Delmo's ass crumbles, the figure of Aika is revealed behind it, staring unblinkingly at the fruit of her work.

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