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Mira Laime
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• 11/19/2018

Black Delmo Names

Hello, everyone. I was just wondering where did the information about each girl's name comes from, since I never knew they actually had names.

Also, is the image attached correct? From the Balck Delmo page I understand Misaki is the only one left unnamed in my image, but I would say it's more logical for her to be the girl I gave the name to, since otherwise she would be the only one from Trial 5 who would be nameless.

I'm assuming names must come from the image titled "Black Delmo Sketch", which would seem to agree with my theory of who Misaki actually is.

Just giving thoughts to things I never wondered about before lol.


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• 11/20/2018

I've already done that based on old thread on 2ch (in Japanese). You can check the result here.

Black Delmo.jpg
Black Delmo.jpg AIKA Wiki
• 11/20/2018

As for your image, it's correct except Misaki (she is the second girl from the left), while last girl is Black Delmo A.

• 12/20/2018

Seems that I was mistaken. Your image is correct.

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