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• 11/19/2018

Black Delmo Names

Hello, everyone. I was just wondering where did the information about each girl's name comes from, since I never knew they actually had names.

Also, is the image attached correct? From the Balck Delmo page I understand Misaki is the only one left unnamed in my image, but I would say it's more logical for her to be the girl I gave the name to, since otherwise she would be the only one from Trial 5 who would be nameless.

I'm assuming names must come from the image titled "Black Delmo Sketch", which would seem to agree with my theory of who Misaki actually is.

Just giving thoughts to things I never wondered about before lol.


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• 8/21/2017

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• 12/31/2013

Question About Akia Series on DVD

Okay Recently I bought "Aika - Complete Collection" later I bought Aika R*16, Aika- Naked Mission, and Akia Final Battle. While at the time I didn't know that both Aika - Naked Mission(aka Part 1) and Aika - Final Battle(aka Part 2) made up the complete Series Collection. I know that Akia R*16 is a prequel, and I still have to get Aika Zero. My question lies in where does the movie Aika - Lace in space fall into the series is it included in the complete series collection or a seperate film all together. I only found it on VHS is it seem older then the others.
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• 10/7/2013

What is the best scene of Aika?

In each chapter which was the best scene of Aika
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• 9/17/2013

Images and Wikia's Terms of Use

Hi all,
Some of the images on this wiki are a problem under Wikia's Terms of Use.  I know that pantie shots are a major part of the anime, but some of the more explicit ones are over the line.  If it's just a lifted skirt, then it's fine, but the crotch-shots aren't.
I'm going to be removing some images here, which is going to leave some gaps in articles.  Some character articles only show crotch-shots, so those will need the most work to fix. 
Sorry to have to bother you with this, and I hope you can find good (and less explicit!) images to replace those deleted.
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